A VPAT (Voluntary Product Accessibility Template) is a document which indicates compliance with Section 508 accessibility guidelines. It was developed by the Information Technology Industry Council and the Government Services Administration to assist with federal procurement practices. For more information on the VPAT, see the U.S. General Services Administration VPAT information page.

For more information on creating an Accessible procurement processes, see the California State University Accessible Procurement Process powerpoint presentation available at Accessing Higher Ground.

For more information on standardized license accessibility language, or to view the results of third-party accessibility evaluations for select vendor e-resources, see the Big 10 Academic Alliance Library E-Resource Accessibility website.

Library vendor VPATs and accessibility statements

All VPATs have been posted with vendor permission. The completeness and accuracy of these documents has not been verified. Please contact your vendor representative with further questions about the content of these documents.

If you have questions about this page, or would like to contribute, contact faye.oreilly@wichita.edu. Please note that if you would like to add a VPAT or similar document you must first obtain permission from your vendor.

VendorProductVPATaccessibility statement and navigation aides
ABC-CLIOABC-CLIO Solutions DatabasesVPAT (PDF)
Received August 2019
ACLSACLS Humanities E-Books Accessibility Statement
Alexander Street PressAlexander Street PressVPAT (link) updated Feb. 2016Accessibility statement
American Chemical SocietyACS Publicationsavailable upon request: contact your repAccessibility statement
American Institute of Aeronautics and AstronauticsAerospace Research Centralsee Atypon: Literatum 
American Mathematical SocietyMathSciNetVPAT (PDF), updated March 2014 
American Psychiatric AssociationPsychiatry OnlineVPAT (PDF), updated Jan 2018 
Annual ReviewsAnnual Reviewsavailable upon request: contact your rep 
Association for Computing MachineryACM Digital Libraryavailable upon request: contact dl-info@hq.acm.org.Accessibility statement
AtyponLiteratumVPAT (PDF) updated April 2015 
BepressDigitalCommonsVPAT (link) updated Feb. 2015Accessibility statement & navigation aids
BioOneBioOneVPAT (link) updated Nov. 2016statement of WCAG 2.0 Compliance
BritannicaBritannica AcademicVPAT (PDF)
updated Feb 2020
Cabell’sCabell’s Directories of Publishing OpportunitiesVPAT (PDF) updated Nov. 2014 
CABICAB DirectVPAT (PDF) updated Oct. 2016Accessibility statement
Cambridge University PressCambridge Journals OnlineVPAT (link) updated Sept. 2016 Accessibility statement
Cambridge University Press Historical Statistics of the United States: Millennial Edition OnlineVPAT (PDF)
received August 2017
Cengageall products (including Gale Artemis and Opposing Viewpoints)VPATs (link) dates varyAccessibility statement
ClarivateWeb of ScienceVPAT (PDF) updated 2014 
Computer Indexed SystemsIndex to Early American PeriodicalsVPAT (PDF) updated Nov 2015 
Conquest SystemsData-Planet Statistical DatasetsVPAT (link) updated Aug. 2017Accessibility statement
Consumer ReportsConsumer ReportsAccessibility Statement
Counting OpinionsACRL MetricsVPAT (PDF) updated Nov. 2014 
CredoCredo ReferenceVPAT (link) updated Aug. 2016Accessibility statement and navigation aids
DocuseekDocuseekWCAG 2.1 Certification updated May 2019Accessibility statement
EastViewDuke University PressVPAT (PDF), received September 2019
EastViewEastViewVPAT (PDF), received Jan 2018 
EBSCOallavailable upon request: contact your repNavigation aides
ElsevierEngineering VillageVPAT (link) updated Jan. 2016Accessibility statement
ElsevierScienceDirectVPAT (link) updated Aug. 2016Accessibility statement and navigation aids
ElsevierScopusVPAT (link) updated Oct 2014Accessibility statement
ElsevierReaxysVPAT (PDF) updated Jan 2014 
Emerald InsightEmerald Insightavailable upon request: contact your repAccessibility statement and navigation aids
Foundation DirectoryFoundation Directory OnlineVPAT (PDF) updated Oct 2017 
GeoScience WorldGeoScience WorldVPAT (PDF) updated Aug. 2015 
HeinOnlineHeinOnlineVPAT (link) 20181 
IBISWorldIBISWorldVPAT (PDF) updated April 2016 
IEEEIEEE XploreVPAT (PDF) updated July 2018Accessibility statement
IG GroupIG Publishing eBook PlatformVPAT (PDF) updated Sept. 2015 
InfobaseAccess Video On DemandVPAT
updated Dec. 2018
Accessibility Statement
InfogroupreferenceUSAVPAT (PDF), updated Nov 2019 
InformsInforms Journals OnlineVPAT (PDF) updated Sept. 2016 
IOPIOP Scienceavailable upon request: contact custserv@iop.orgAccessibility statement
ITHAKAArtstorVPAT (link) updated March 2018Accessibility roadmap
ITHAKAJSTORVPAT (link) updated Sept. 2016Accessibility statement
Johns Hopkins University PressProject MuseVPAT (link) updated April 2017 
KanopyKanopy StreamingVPAT (PDF) updated Jan. 2019Accessibility statement and navigation aids
LexisNexisLexisNexis AcademicVPAT (PDF) updated June 2014Accessibility statement
MangoMango LanguagesAndroid App WCAG
Conversations WCAG
Web App WCAG
Updated Jun 2017
Accessibility Roadmap
MergentMergent OnlineVPAT (PDF) updated Nov. 2014 
Nature Publishing GroupNature.comsee PalgraveAccessibility statement and navigation aids
OCLCMetadata, Management, Resource Sharing and Discovery Services Available upon RequestAccessibility statement
OmekaOmeka.netVPAT (link) updated Sept. 2015Accessibility statement
Oxford University PressOxford HandbooksVPAT (PDF) updated June 2018Accessibility statement
Oxford University PressOxford English DictionaryVPAT (PDF) updated May 2018Accessibility statement and navigation aids
Oxford University PressOxford Journals VPAT (PDF)
updated 2017
Accessibility statement and navigation aids
Oxford University PressOxford Reference OnlineVPAT (PDF) updated July 2018 Accessibility Statement
Palgraveall content on nature.com, palgrave-journals.com, and palgraveconnect.comVPAT (PDF) updated July 2015Accessibility statement and accessible format request form
PC ReservationEnvisionWareVPAT (PDF)
updated Jul 2019
VPAT for Mobile
Updated Dec 2018
Policy Mappolicymap.comVPAT (link) updated Sept. 2016Accessibility statement
PronunciatorPronunciator 2.0VPAT
updated Feb 2019
ProQuestmost productsVPATs (link)Accessibility statement and documentation directory and navigation aids
ProQuestMyiLibraryVPAT (PDF) updated May 2014 
Publishing TechnologyIngenta ConnectVPAT (PDF) updated April 2014Accessibility statement
updated Apr 2019
Accessibility Statement
ReadexAmerica’s Historical NewspapersVPAT (PDF) updated Sept. 2014 
SAGECQ ResearcherVPAT (PDF) updated Dec. 2014 
SAGESage JournalsVPAT (PDF) updated May 2014Accessibility statement
SpringerSpringerLinkVPAT (link) updated Aug. 2017 
updated Sep. 2018
ScholasticBookFlix 2.0VPAT (Link) updated Jul 2018
Taylor and FrancisAP Style BookVPAT
updated Mar. 2018
Taylor and Francistaylorandfrancis.com Accessibility Statement
ThirdIronBrowzineVPAT (link) updated June 2016Accessibility statement
Tumblebook Inc.TumblebookVPAT (link)
updated Jan 2019
Tutor.comTutor.com Learning SuiteVPAT (PDF)
received August 2019
University of Chicago PressChicago Manual of Style (CMOS)VPAT
Updated Aug 2019
ValuelineValueline Research Center- Online EditionVPAT,
updated Dec 2018
Vaultvault.comVPAT (PDF) updated July 2015 
voxgovvoxgov.comVPAT (PDF) updated Nov 2015 
WileyWiley Online Library Accessibility Statement
Women Writers OnlineWomen Writers OnlineVPAT (PDF), updated Feb. 2017